Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tryannosaur Screen Shot

I like this shot as it shows both frustration and anger in the characters face. It looks like he is focused on somthing that is disturbing him and he wants to react to it. I also like the fact that there is a young child in the background who looks shocked at what is going on infront of him.

This shot shows both hatred and pain in the mans face. The blood on his head represents the pain and the facial expression he is pulling represents hatred. This image reveals that the film will contain lots of violence which makes you want to watch on to see what happens and why he has so much anger built up inside him.

This shot tells alot from the characters facial expressions. He looks very calm, but you can see that he is very angry inside. The fact that he is lying against a gate and has a big cut in his head states that he is a man who gets himself into trouble, but always gets his revenge.

Here this shot shows that the character may be getting his revenge or he is showing his frustration, but in doing so he is causing more trouble by smashing a shop window with a brick.

Again this shot shows the character getting himself into more trouble as he is about to punch someone in the head from behind. These shots show that this man is a bit loose as he gets himself into lots of punch ups. We don't know why he is getting into these situations, but it is clear to the audience that he is a character with a lot of frustration stored up inside him.

This shot again shows more violence on behalf of this character. The big hammer in his hand reveals that he is about to smash somthing up again to get rid of some of the frustration inside him. These shots reveal that the film is going to be packed with violence with this character being in the middle of it all.

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