Thursday, 22 September 2011

Final Destination Screen shots

I like this screen shot because the blood effects over the film title reveal the films genre before you have to watch anymore of the introduction. 

This shot shows a physically inflicted death as there is a ladder going through someone's head and it just makes you want to keep watching to see how this occurred. Deaths like these grab your attention and make you want to find out how they happen

The image shows an x-ray of a skull with nails impaled into it. This shows that someone has been brutally killed, the nails represent pain and the skull represents death, this leads us on to believing that the films genre is going to be a horror.

This is another interesting shot as it shows a car breaking into the bones and spinning around inside a skeleton. This is also good as it relates well with the film in general and the x-ray effect also makes you wonder what goes on inside your body.

What i like about this screen shot is the falling knife cutting through the bones like a dagger. It is seen to be an accident as the knife has fallen onto the body, but it makes you wonder why the body is there and why the knife has fallen from the table.

This screen shot shows a pole stuck in a persons head, but what is interesting is that the person is still stood up so we don't know how the pole has entered the skull.

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