Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kill List Screen Shots

This shot shows that the main character in this scene is the man in the middle, this is done by having him a few steps infront of his two workers. The way in which they are dressed reveals that the man in the middle is the boss and gets his two men to do the dirty work for him. His facial expressions are seen as him to be both serious but also cocky. The cocky facial expression shows a degree of confidence as if he is about to finish off a job.

This shot is good because the long camera shot shows the audience who the important people are in this scene. The low angled shot looking up at the men also show that they have some significance in this film as they look like they are about to do a job for their boss.

This shot is interesting because the close up on the money is seen to be the main focus point in this scene. The way in which the man is pushing the money towards someone shows that they are being persuaded into doing a job for someone with a greater significance to them. They way in which the man with the money is suited up also shows that he is a man who means business.

This shot is interesting as it shows one man kicking down a door whilst his partner in crime is on guard checking that no one is around. The fact that they are kicking down a door makes them look like the bad guys in the film, but also the way that they are dressed in all black clothing makes them look even more suspect and harmful.
I like this image because it really makes this character stand out and tells the audience his importance in this film. This is mainly done by the low camera shot looking up at him as he walks through the field. Again he is wearing all black clothing which shows that he can be a dangerous person. His face also gives off a sense of confusion which is given off from expressions from both his eyes and mouth.

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