Thursday, 22 September 2011

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Screen Shot

I like this shot because it shows that a police investigation is going on after what looks like a murder has taken place. The low angled camera shot is used here looking up at the police line to really show that an important investigation is going on and for people to be aware that the police are there.

This image represents death and horror. The skelleton and bones around it reveal a horror genre involving lots of deaths. I like this shot of the skelleton and the glasses because it resembles a murder and it gets you intreged therefore you want to find out more about the killing, so you want to keep watching.

This shot is interesting as the long shot used sets the scene and shows a dead body lying on the floor with people examining it. This looks to be the murder scene where the police have taken over and have began to do their investigation.

This shot is fascinating as it shows a close up on parts of an old skelleton. This image really tells the audience that there is going to be lots of deaths in the film, which for some, makes them keep on watching to see how these deaths occured. The black and white effects used makes the skelleton look alot older and more scary to look at.

I like this shot as it now shows the scientifc part of the police investigation into the murder. The close ups on the evidence that the police have shows that the murderer is close to being found. Again the black and white effects that are used make the pieces of evidence look more fascinating as more detail is shown in the image.

What i like about this shot is that it looks like the police have taken another step forward in their investigation as they have now found more evidence which was used in the murder. I like the fact that they have used a chainsaw as it makes the shot more gruesome which is also helped with the black and white background effect.

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