Friday, 23 September 2011

Hitman Screen Shot

I like this shot because the tattoo tells a story about this man before you even watch the film. The tattoo resembles strength and it shows that he is part of a special group of people. The actual tattoo explains his background and how he grew up. It shows that he has been brought up differently, maybe in an enviroment where there are lots of gangs and he has found himself in one himself.

I like this shot because it shows a close up of someone being watched. The sensor on the gun that is being used changes the colour of the target and really makes the man stand out from the crowd. I like the high angled camera shot because it looks down on the man and shows that he is vulnerable as he could easily be taken out.

This shot really lets the audience know that this character is one of the most important characters in the film. This is done by the low angled camera shot looking up at his face. He also looks as if he is in a very serious mood which is represented by his facial expressions as well as the way he is dressed up in a suit.

I like this shot because it is taken from a side angle and fits more people into the picture. This is a great image as it shows the Hitman slowly raising his gun in the direction of the two bad guys, this is done really well as the two men have no idea that someone is behind them and about to kill them.

I really like this because it shows the Hitman's dominance in the whole film in just one shot. What makes him look so powerful in this shot is that he is holding a machine gun in each hand and no one is around him, which makes us think that he has killed everyone himself. The way in which he is smartly dressed character really shows a professional side to him as a character and gets his business done in the best way possible. 

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