Monday, 26 September 2011

Screen Shot. Shawshank Redemption

This screen shot is an extreme close up on the character. His face shows concern and it looks like he is in shock, this is shown by his facial expression and how he is stood up. It also shows a slight high angle and looks down on him, this displays that he is unimportant to the judge or people surrounding him.

I like this image because it displays a high angled shot which shows that he is low in power and is being put on trial, this is done by the camera looking down on the character who is singled out in the middle of the room. This shot also shows a long shot as well as the angle shot which sets the scene and highlights that he is in a serious court case.

This long shot is used well in this image to set the scene, it shows that the film is going to be set in a massive prison with hundreds of people locked up there. This long shot is also good because it shows to everyone how basic a prison is and that there is very little to do there. This shot also looks like there is very little colour in the picture which represents a dull/boring prison

I like this shot because it shows how insignificant the prisoners are whilst they are in the prison. This shot shows a gaurd punching one of the prisoners in the stomach, this shows that the gaurds treat the prisoners like dirt, but it also highlights that one gaurd has a lot more power than the hundreds of prisoners in the prison.

This shot is really good because it really shows how dominant the prison gaurds are whilst they are doing their jobs. The low angled shot looks up to the gaurds showing their power and also the fact that they are carrying weapons shows their significance compared to the prisoners. I also like how the gaurds are patroling as a group past all of the cells to scare the prisoners, which makes them behave. The way the gaurds are in a group shows gives off a message to the prisoners that they are very powerful and that they aren't to be messed with.

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