Thursday, 22 September 2011

Screen shot Green Street Hooligans

This image shows hatred in their faces as they are having a verbal argument with their rivals. The man in the middle is seen to be the leader within his group of friends, this is shown from the camera directly facing him and cutting out the other two men. 

I like this shot because it shows a low angle shot looking up to the hooligans as they make their way up the stairs. They look as if they are about to go and cause trouble from the way that they run up the stairs and also from what they are wearing. They all come across as looking like thugs with their full tracksuits on, looking hard.

I like this shot because it shows an innocent man waiting for a train being disturbed by this group of thugs kicking bottles around and making lots of noise. It makes the man feel insecure and dangered. You can see this in the way the man puts down his paper and glances at the hooligans.

I really like this camera shot as it blurs out the enemies and shows more of the main characters in this film. It also reveals to the audience which side is more important as the blurred out group of hooligans are made smaller in this camera shot, showing their insignificance.  

This shot is interesting as it shows the 'good' hooligans beating up the 'bad' hooligans out in the middle of the street. The blood on the characters face reveals that this film is going to contain lots of violence which keeps the audience entertained so they keep watching.

This shot shows a man getting his head smashed through a window, what i like about this image is that it really sums up the way in which football hooligans fight and how much pain they want to make each other feel. I really like this camera shot from under the window because it captures the full effect of the glass smashing, which makes it more entertaing  for people to watch.

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