Wednesday, 28 March 2012

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 6 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Here are some pictures of the equipment that enabled me to film my movie introduction:

Canon 7D camera:
Over the shoulder camera holder:                      Tripod:


  Apple iMac:
We also used lots of different software on the macs which made it possible for us to construct our final film inroductions. The software I used were, sound track pro, final cut pro, after effects, youtube, imovie and blogger. This was the first time I had used most of these technologies so at first I stuggled to get to grips with some of them, such as the sound track pro and after effects software, but after a few lessons of practice I started to find them much easier to use. My school chose to use Apple iMac's because of the quality software available and because of their capability to produce quality media products as proven in professional productions.

Soundtrack Pro: I used sound track pro on the introduction of the film Panic Room. This was great practice for when I came to use the application for my own opening sequence. I found this effect quite hard to use when I first started but as I got used to it I found it very enjoyable to use.  Soundtrack Pro is a great piece of software with a large amount of features which enabled me to add to my media product. Without the availability of Soundtrack pro, I wouldn't have been able to insert the music that I want to overlap my film.

Final Cut Pro: I used the Final Cut Pro application to put my film together and I also used it for my mundane task and preliminary task. This was the first time I had used this software before and to be honest I had very little knowledge of how it worked and about the power of the software in terms of the editing. Final cut pro was very useful because it enabled me to use lots of different tools in order for me to edit my film the best way possible. Without Final Cut it would have been impossible for us to produce our media product due to the changing in rough cut editing.

After Effects Pro: I used After Effects to produce my production company logo and to add in different titles into my final film such as actors and producers names. Like most of the other applications, I had never experimented with After Effects before I started this course. As well as using this app with my final film I used it on a Mission Impossible film as a practice. Personally I found this one of the harder applications to use because it has so many different features that I didn't know how to use. In the end I managed to get to grips with it and produced work that I am happy with. Without After Effects I would have not been able to create a professional looking production company nor would I have had titles required to create a professional media product.  

YouTube: We used YouTube as a platform in which we published our work. We created our own accounts and uploaded all of our work onto it so we could then post on our blogs. I had never previously had to upload anything onto YouTube before, but after doing it once I found it very simple to use. 

Blogger: We used Blogger as our own electronic diary throughout our media course. I thought it was a very useful website to use mainly because of all of its different features such as, being able to view and edit all of the posts that you have previously uploaded with great ease and also having the availability to embed videos, images and sound. 

With the combination of all the hardware, software and webpages I have written about above, I was able to create my final media product. Without the technology that I have been able to use, I believe the making would have been less enjoyable and the outcome overall would have been less successful. 

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