Friday, 14 October 2011

Man On Fire Screen Shots

I like this screen shot because it tells the audience what genre film it is going to be straight away. The close up of the gun reveals that the film is going to have lots of action in it relating to lots of violence. 

What i like about this screen shot is the person holding the gun looks like a shadow because of the pitch black outline of the person that is used. The use of the black in the image makes the scene look more interesting as it makes the man stand out more, which makes the gun the main focus point in the shot.

This shot is interesting because of the black and white camera effects used. Having these effects makes the shot far more exciting in comparison to having just normal coloured hands in the scene. It makes the hands stand out and look as if they are being watched by someone.

I really like this shot because it shows that whoever owns the objects on the table is a very powerful person in this film. The sum of money alongside the weapons on the table reveal that someone has great intentions to either get someone to do a job for them, or do it themself.  

I like this image because it shows an investigation scene after an event has occured. The long camera shot sets the scene showing that people have been injured and it also shows part of what caused the incident where the fire is.
I really like this shot because it shows one of the powerful characters in the film walking away from an explosion in which he has caused. The low angled camera shot also reveals his importance by the way the camera looks up at him. 

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