Friday, 14 October 2011

Kill Bill Screen Shot

I like this shot as it blends two scenes into one image. It shows dead bodies lying on the floor from one scene, then it also shows different people walking into the room unaware of how the deaths had happened. I think this is a good image as i like the idea of how it looks like an investiagtion into the deaths is about to occur. I really like the low angled camera shot focusing on the actors feet as it shows the importance of the men walking into the room. It lets the audience know who the main actors are.

This screen shot is fascinating as it shows a real close up on one of the main actors face. His facial expressions are interesting as his eyes show that he is focused on somthing  in the distance, but he also looks like he is concerned about somthing. I think that the black and white effect makes the shot more interesting as well as it makes the face the main focus point in this shot and at the same time, it also brings out more detail in the actors face.

This shot looks very basic as it shows a woman talking to herself whilst she is driving, this is portrayed by the long camera shot to set the scene, but her facial expressions tell a completely different story. She looks like she is in a rush to get somewhere as her face looks very determined. She looks so determined it comes accross as if he is going to take revenge on someone.

This shot carries on the story from the previous image, but this camera shot has been taken closer to the actors face to reveal more facial expressions. This image shows the translation from the woman being determined to take revenge in the previous image to now being more held back as she gets closer to her destination. Her facial expressions now look as if she is having second thoughts about what she had planned to do, this is shown in her eyes and mouth as she looks slightly worried. 

I like this image because it tells the ending of the story that was created in my previous screen shots. The image of her being on the floor injured with blood everywhere shows that her plan backfired on her. Another aspect of this image that i like is the black and white effect used as it makes the blood on her face and on the floor next to her head look more gruesome.  

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