Wednesday, 25 April 2012

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In many ways I find that my product develops and challenges conventions of an actual media product. Firstly, I believe that locations are a big influence in helping to create a successful film, they should compliment the film and help it flow so the audience don't get confused. Personally, I believe that my location fits this well. I used a dingy narrow road away from any major public interference. This was good because it helped me created a lonely atmosphere for my actor who was about to get stabbed.

Secondly, I believe that small things like costumes are vitally important whilst trying to make a film as realistic as possible. In my film, I feel that dressed my actors appropriately for their role. The two wingmen I had in my film were dressed in very civilized clothing, wearing track suit bottoms and hoodies. What made them less civilized were the bandana's covering their faces when they squared up to their target. On the other hand, my other actor, Harry, was dressed normally after a day at work. In my film he was wearing a smart suit with a coat over the top. Personally, I think that having appropriately dressed actors in a film really makes it look more professional as opposed to having actors dressed in completely the wrong clothing.

Lastly, the title of my film is one of the most obvious conventions of my film that does not challenge the action/drama genre of my film. 'PayUp' is the name of my film and the reason why I chose it is because it doesn't really give too much away but it still gives the audience a rough idea of what a basic storyline will be. 'PayUp' seems like a lot more of a calmer title as opposed to a film called 'Death Is Waiting', yet it could still fit my film perfectly.    

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