Saturday, 21 January 2012

Survey Analysis

Name: Luke Stevens

Age: 32 years

This man is called Luke Stevens, who is 32 years old and lives in Jersey.

Luke is a man who loves to socialise on the weekends but in the evenings after work when there is no football on he enjoys watching all sorts of different films with his girlfriend. His favourite film genres are comedy, thriller and horror.

As Luke is a fan of horror films i decided to ask him a few questions in order to help me create my own opening sequence in this genre.

1) What is your reason for naming horror as one of your favourite genres?

The main reason is that i absoloutley love being on the edge of my seat when i am watching films. Horrors are brilliant because you never know what to expect when you are watching, which is great!

2) What would you recommend for me to avoid whilst i am making my opening sequence so i dont make it too unrealistic?

For me, what makes horrors so good is not being able predict what is going to happen next. So personally i think that you need to avoid telling the whole story in the opening sequence and keep the audience guessing to what may happen next. Also, you should try to keep the opening realistic so it doesn't look really cheesy!

3) What would you recommend me using in my opening sequence?

For you to really attract the audience to your opening you should try to use some special effects this will make the audience feel wowed, also you need to use lots of props generally just to make your opening look better.

4) And finally, what sort of age group do you think i should target?

It is really up to you but i would recommend your target audience to be from the age of 16 and above. This way you have a wider ranged target audience which will help when making improvements for your next sequence you make.

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